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KeepPower to Launch New USB Batteries Products
Time:2020-05-25 00:00:00

    With the popularity of portable devices, customers now have more diverse needs for charging method of batteries. In order to provide more options, our company will launch products of USB charging series recently. Compared with the previous products charged by USB, the new products include several merits: this battery can be charged by li-ion battery charger or USB directly; the gold-plated copper button top is more resistant to wear and tear; two-color LED lights indicate the charging status with higher brightness; the battery dimension has been optimized to fit for more devices; in the meantime, we develop whole series from 16340 to 26650 size to meet customers’ comprehensive needs.

    For you can have a more intuitive understanding of our new products’ design, we provide you the photos of the first new product as follows to have a sneak peek:


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