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* Type: High Capacity Li-ion Rechargeable Battery ...Details>>
* Type: Quality High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Bat ...Details>>
* Type: Quality High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Bat ...Details>>
* Type: Quality High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Bat ...Details>>
* Quality Protected Li-ion Rechargeable Battery * ...Details>>
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KP Protected Battery
Our technology and experience in making high end LED flashlight battery are unrivaled in the industry, we are pleased to produce these batteries for the most demanding flashlight users and owners around the world.
KP IMR Battery
KeepPower new IMR series designed for high-end electronic cigarette/vapor market.
Custom Battery Packs
Keeppower has an extensive offering of battery packs in several different configurations and chemical compositions. With a wide range of Li-ion, Li-polymer, and LiFePO4 battery packs, you are sure to find a ideal power solution for your application.
High Drain Batteries
Ideal power supply solution for any device that need high current and long run time,such as e-cigarette.
High Capacity Batteries
Ranging in size, chemistry and capabilities, Keeppower is a reliable partner to supply you Li-ion, Li-polymer, LiFePo4 and NIMH battery cells manufactured by top brands like Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, SKME, A123, FDK...etc.
Quality Li-ion battery chargers designed by KeepPower. 2 year warranty.
LED Flashlight
KeepPower WD Series flashlights is our first try in LED flashlight. After 7 years exploration in the market of flashlight battery, we decide to integrate superior resources we collected and offer end users “All in one” lighting solution with the most reasonable price.
Keeppower has everything that you need to complete your power solution, including protection circuit board, charger, battery case and other things.